Deposit Policy

0.1: In order for Pixelated Studios to begin work, we require 50% of the order total to be paid in advance as a deposit.

0.2: The deposit total will be subtracted from the invoices total outstanding balance

Payment Policy

1.0: Pixelated Studios accepts payment in the form of Credit (via Stripe), PayPal, Interac E-Transfer, and Bank/Wire Transfer. PayPal and Credit are verifiable instantly, E-Transfer and Bank/Wire will take 5-10 business days to confirm payment.

1.1: Chargebacks are not tolerated and will result in the person who preformed the illegal chargeback being blacklisted from using Pixelated Studios services or the services of our subsidiaries.

1.2: Pixelated Studios does not accept Crypto Currency as payment

1.3: Refunds are not offered after 14 days post delivery for any order

Refund Policy:

2.0: In the event of cancellation by the client, deposit will not be refunded

2.1: In the event of cancellation by Pixelated Studios, deposit WILL be refunded

2.2: Post-Delivery refunds will not be offered without genuine reason (I.E software does not function to expectation, and we cannot fix it for you)

2.3: During production you may cancel your order at any time. If you cancel your order, we will not be able to refund your deposit

Minecraft Plugin Specific Policies:

3.0: We generally do not give refunds for Minecraft Plugins (unless there is a very good reason).

3.1: We provide free updates/changes/bug (major only, subject to team member availability) fixes and free customer support.

3.2: We offer small feature additions for a flat rate of $5 USD and large feature additions starting at $15 USD

General Policies

4.0: Pixelated Studios Limited has a 0 tolerance policy for harassment, bullying, intimidation, threats, or any other forms of abuse of our staff. Engaging in such behaviors will result in your order(s) being cancelled and you being banned from our Discord server and blacklisted from our services. Everyone deserves respect!

4.1: Pixelated Studios Limited has a 0 tolerance policy for illegal charge-backs. Charging back a purchase you legitimately made is Fraud. Engaging in this behavior will result in you being blacklisted from our services.

4.2: We always want your experience to be as great as humanly possible! If ever you feel like you have been mistreated by our staff, or by fellow members of our community, please report it to us at

(Latest Update June 6, 2022: added policies 4.0, 4.1, 4.2)